Redcar Jazz Club Book New Edition

I thought since I regularly get enquiries as to the progress of the new edition of the Redcar Jazz Club book, I’d put a word or two here. Unfortunately there is no positive news to report as yet, although it is still an ongoing proposition. All my and Dennis Weller’s work was completed over a year and a half ago to meet the original publication deadline, and all the graphics were scanned and ready – (there is some amazing stuff there, believe me, some of which we intend to offer as reproductions) – but the history of the club STILL isn’t finished being written, to my knowledge. The last I heard from the writer was that it was due to be completed this January, but my last email enquiring if this was still the likely estimate for completion was met by a resounding silence. It would appear that the graphics will need to be scanned again now, since the original funding for publication appears to have been withdrawn and they had all the scans, but that is no problem, just a time factor. The team is looking at other options for funding the publication of the book, and may consider doing a crowd funding exercise, such as a Kickstarter type. When I have any further news of any description, I’ll post it here, so keep checking back. Apologies for the ridiculous delay in getting this project completed, but it is out of my hands I’m afraid! It WILL get done.

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