Profile Gallery in Saltburn now up and running

Just a note to say that we have now been open a month in the newly re-launched Profile Gallery and it has been great to have welcomed in quite a few old faces along with a fair few new ones, despite the still freezing temperatures…..we have settled for the Spring at least on opening three days (also running the original Montage Gallery in Castleton for three days, Thurs to Sat) – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, around 10.00 – 4.00, 5.00 on Sat, but as things get busier this will increase. You can also follow what we are up to on Facebook at Profile Gallery, so if you are in the area drop in and say hi if you can find the time. Exhibits are changing and gradually building with the addition of new work so there should be something for you to browse through that you may not have seen before (and even buy…..although you won’t be held to that……..).

I now also have a small display of the Redcar Jazz Club work in the newly opened Redcar Beacon in Rock & Rollabilia, on the fourth floor, from where you get quite a view of the surroundings, and only a few hundred yards from where those shots were originally taken back in the 60s….must admit when I shot them I could never have envisaged this scenario! Go along and have a look.

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