New toys in the toy box……

A couple of new toys I couldn’t resist! The ‘Hasselblad’ style box camera is a German made Ising Pucky 1 made between 1950 & 1954 and is very well specified – focussing lens, three apertures and two shutter speeds – instant & time – shutter interlock to prevnt double exposures and is made from aluminium; nice and weighty. This one came complete with its original leataher case in very good condition, just a bit of shoe polish had it shining! I cleaned up the rather dull aluminium frame with a chrome polish and it shines! The earlier model was made in bakelite. Both models take 120 film so I’ll be trying mine out soon…The other camera with original box and instructions is nigh on mint; I already have two of these, and am amazed at the quality achieved with such a basic plastic camera. Again it takes 120 film, but makes 24 shots at 35mm size, 24x36mm. One of my others I butchered – (it was already pretty scruffy) -by chopping out the frame inside the body to a square format, which gives some rather tasty vignetting…Watch this space for updates when I get out shooting with them…Incidentally for those who might be interested, these pics were taken on a couple of our classic pinball machines for a bit of nice warm lighting..

Profile Gallery in Saltburn now up and running

Just a note to say that we have now been open a month in the newly re-launched Profile Gallery and it has been great to have welcomed in quite a few old faces along with a fair few new ones, despite the still freezing temperatures…..we have settled for the Spring at least on opening three days (also running the original Montage Gallery in Castleton for three days, Thurs to Sat) – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, around 10.00 – 4.00, 5.00 on Sat, but as things get busier this will increase. You can also follow what we are up to on Facebook at Profile Gallery, so if you are in the area drop in and say hi if you can find the time. Exhibits are changing and gradually building with the addition of new work so there should be something for you to browse through that you may not have seen before (and even buy…..although you won’t be held to that……..).

I now also have a small display of the Redcar Jazz Club work in the newly opened Redcar Beacon in Rock & Rollabilia, on the fourth floor, from where you get quite a view of the surroundings, and only a few hundred yards from where those shots were originally taken back in the 60s….must admit when I shot them I could never have envisaged this scenario! Go along and have a look.

Re-opening of Profile Photography Gallery in Saltburn

From this coming Saturday, March 9th, I will be re-opening the Profile photographic gallery on the station buildings complex in Saltburn. Bob & Becky Mitchell who started this some years back have been and are currently too busy with other business commitments to give their full attention to the gallery, which has meant it being unused for the last year or so. They suggested I might like to take over and run this in conjunction with my own Montage Gallery in Castleton and since we all agreed that it was too good a space to be left closed, between us have totally revamped the space ready for opening this weekend. There will be a range of work shown, including my own, Bob & Becky Mitchell’s, Georgina Harrison’s and a number of other photographers’ showing varied styles of subject matter and treatment. We felt that a range of types of work should be shown to the wide audience that Profile has attracted in the past and will again attract from now on, and to this end the work on show will constantly revolve, as well as there being featured exhibitions of specific photographers’ work from time to time. Profile will be open 5 days a week from this Saturday, so if you have the opportunity we’d like to see you there! Profile Gallery, Units 3&4, Station Buildings, TS12 1AQ 01287 626150

Giclée prints now available

Something we have been intending to offer for some time for those of you who can’t justify or don’t wish to spend the amount a hand made darkroom silver gelatin print commands, simply due to the nature of the product, is a range of giclée prints. These are produced to a very high standard and equivalent in looks to my hand made prints, but because of their production method, can be made available at a rather lower price. To this end we have teamed up with a long standing professional friend of mine through his website at to offer my work in this format. Any print that you see on my site or theirs can be made available via Prints for Arts Sake, so if you don’t see what you require currently up on their site, either email myself or them with your request and it can be arranged. We are working closely together to ensure that print quality will remain at the same high standard you have come to expect throughout. An example can be seen here Prices start at £65.

Redcar Jazz Club Book New Edition

I thought since I regularly get enquiries as to the progress of the new edition of the Redcar Jazz Club book, I’d put a word or two here. Unfortunately there is no positive news to report as yet, although it is still an ongoing proposition. All my and Dennis Weller’s work was completed over a year and a half ago to meet the original publication deadline, and all the graphics were scanned and ready – (there is some amazing stuff there, believe me, some of which we intend to offer as reproductions) – but the history of the club STILL isn’t finished being written, to my knowledge. The last I heard from the writer was that it was due to be completed this January, but my last email enquiring if this was still the likely estimate for completion was met by a resounding silence. It would appear that the graphics will need to be scanned again now, since the original funding for publication appears to have been withdrawn and they had all the scans, but that is no problem, just a time factor. The team is looking at other options for funding the publication of the book, and may consider doing a crowd funding exercise, such as a Kickstarter type. When I have any further news of any description, I’ll post it here, so keep checking back. Apologies for the ridiculous delay in getting this project completed, but it is out of my hands I’m afraid! It WILL get done.

New work uploaded today – check the galleries

Just a very quick update to say that there is a range of new images on the site but you’ll have to check out the NUde & Burlesque, Toy Camera, Industrial and North East Coast and Moors galleries if you wish to see them all, as there is only room on the home page for 5 new images – more than that and they disappear from view… is a sample from one of my Diana plastic cameras…..

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye fever…..

It all started when I bought one of these art deco beauties, produced by Kodak from 1949 until 1961, at a car boot sale for the princely sum of £3.00, in generally good order but needing a good strip down and clean, which as it turns out is pretty easy with these. Then I visited the tall ships when they arrived locally and shot a roll or two, and was surprised at the quality obtained by such a simple meniscus lens. Contrary to the popularly held belief that you have to respool 120 film onto 620 reels, I found you don’t need to fuss about in such a timewasting manner, but you DO need 620 reels for the take-up side. Once I had started, unfortunately, there was no stopping, acquirig a few more examples here and there and THEN I discovered Randy Smith’s Hawkeyemods website….This great guy is well known for doing strange things to unsuspecting Holgas, and making them far more usable in the process, and then started doing similar things for Hawkeyes. Evidently, Kodak thought about making them in various colours, as they were only available in black (bakelite bodies), and made a blue one as a test, but went no further. So Randy did…..I asked if he could add his usual mods to the one he was advertising, such as cable release socket and tripod bush, but he figured that might damage the already painted body, so instead I asked him if he could do a Fender Surf Foam green one with those mods, along with a cream faceplate to match my 50s reissue Fender Strat, which he did, and got very excited about how tasty the finished camera looked in the process. (It’s shown here with the recently released Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar). I think he got very close to matching the colours….At this point, I got really carried away, and ordered the blue one, a white one with black faceplate to match the Telecaster and a Fiesta Red one to match Hank Marvin’s famous Strat……He now offers these colours as standard – I said he should name this range the Graham Lowe Signature range, but that hasn’t happened yet! The green one has a flipped lens, in the same way that I have done with others that have decided to live with me, and there are a number of successful images on this website taken with my original ones. I now have a crazy number of these lovely cameras, collecting the numerous variations along the way, and getting interested looks and often getting into conversations with people who see me using them. I recently shot some more nudes, and used the green one on that shoot for the first time in anger so to speak, and those results will be posted on the site in the near future…

Vintage Fair, Saltburn, 31st March

Just a very quick update to let you know I haven’t retired, but will be attending the next vintage fair at Saltburn Community Centre on Saturday 31st of this month with a selection of my work, greetings cards and a new range of vintage images from the William Ferguson collection.These are exclusive to us and are all traditionally hand printed photographs made in the darkroom by myself. These were taken in the 20s and 30s by a friend’s Grandfather, who was a very keen amateur photographer and took images wherever he went, which was not only locally. They are not as yet available on the site, so you’ll have to come and see them physically for now, if you can! They are also very reasonably priced…….see you there – come and say hello!

Out and About

A quick update for local interested parties – we will be attending two vintage fairs in November and December, so that you can get to us without having to get the maps out and look for Castleton: the first is this coming weekend, Sunday 13th November, at Whinstone View, Great Ayton, from 12 pm until 4pm, where we will have a selection of my work, greetings cards and also a selection from our new range of work by William Ferguson, taken in the 1920s and 30s mainly, of local and other scenes, and all black and white (of course!!) toned images. We will also be at the Saltburn Arts Community Hall vintage fair on Saturday Dec 10th with a similar range of goods. Entry to the latter is £1.50, and it’s on from 10am to 4pm. Orders can be taken for supply before Xmas at either of these events. See you there…….for more info, you can contact Becky Mitchell of Profile Gallery, Saltburn, on 07903 548 435

ps, work is now almost completed for my exhibition ‘Elemental’, at the Joe Cornish Galleries, Register House, Zetland Street, Northallerton. DL6 1NA. This will run from Saturday 26th Nov until 24th Dec, and I shall be in attendance at the gallery on the Saturday 26th, refreshments served in the afternoon.

Price Increases

Due to the ever-increasing costs of materials, thanks in no small part to our wonderful government increasing the VAT rate, and the extremely high commission being asked by one of the retailers of my work, from November 1st I am having to raise prices for all work except greetings cards. This is to keep the work at a consistent price across all outlets. If you are/were thinking of buying for Christmas, then maybe now is the time to order, as all work ordered and paid for by 31st October will be at current prices. Due to workload (preparing for my upcoming exhibition at Joe Cornish Galleries as mentioned recently) amongst other commitments, there may be a slight delay over the normal time taken to fulfil orders. Sorry about this, but sadly it is inevitable.