New low price range of work

I have now been able to source very high quality digital printing of my images and these will be scanned directly from my original darkroom prints. They are of the best quality, but will be available at a much lower price, in all forms, mounted or framed. They will also be available ‘on demand’ initially, while I build stocks up, so if there are any images you would like to purchase please get in touch & I will have them printed up for you. They should only take a week or so to be ready for posting out. I am still pricing them up, but typically you should save up towards £80 – £90 over the price of a hand made darkroom print, but still with comparable quality. I am very particular about the standards, which is why it has taken me some time to find someone who will print to my satisfaction.

Any image can be made available, and if there is a subject you are looking for but don’t see it on my website (which we have kept more concise purposely) then please ask.

Thanks, Graham

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