New galleries update

Just a note to say that new galleries have recently been added as regular visitors will have noticed, including Nudes and Burlesque, Commercial etc., Documentary and World. The latter three of these are currently being worked on and prints either specially produced or needing to be scanned for upload, so will go live in the very near future. The documentary gallery will feature among others a project I was working on a few years back, featuring a local bunch of extremely talented guys making custom motorcycles, calling themselves Extreme Machines – they were great blokes who looked like they’d fill you in if you looked at them askance, but were fantastic characters with phenomenal talents, making virtually all of the bikes’ components themselves and painting in-house to a stunning standard. Their work was often featured in national custom bike magazines, such as ‘Back Street Heroes’, to great acclaim. Sadly, they went out of business before I could complete the work, a great shame. Other work will be added as I get time to print, and I am currently in the progress of pitching for another project in a similar vein which will take around a year, if I get the go-ahead, so keep watching!

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