Contacting Me

Another short note to say that I am more than happy for people to contact me through the site to talk about the various aspects of my work, but if you do so PLEASE make sure that you input your email address correctly; I have had a number of messages sent to me recently, mostly by students whom I NEVER ignore, asking about my methods etc. but have been unable to reply as their email addresses are incorrectly entered. Rebecca try again! Also, many people automatically assume that I MUST be using computers to get the results that I do; this is most definitely NOT the case; every print that is made is produced by myself, by hand using traditional ‘wet’ photography methods in the darkroom. Why is it that just because computers are widely available and easy to use that 150+ years of traditional photographic methods are instantly forgotten? Odd; I can’t fathom it out at all. Rest assured, if you purchase a print from me it is printed by me as above and NOT churned out of a computer printer ad infinitum!!

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