Redcar Jazz Club Book launch today

Well we had a great day meeting all of you who managed to get along to the museum for the launch today and pick up your signed books – many faces old and new came to meet & chat about the great nights at the club and it was lovely to see you all, so thanks for making the effort!

For those of you who couldn’t make it our book website went live for purchases at the same time so I hope many of you managed to get your copies there. Link

All pictures of mine that are featured in the book, many not seen before by the world at large, are available to order both as hand printed darkroom prints and also digital prints made from scans of those prints, so if you don’t see the picture you want on my website just let me know the subject & page number & I can make them available in either form.

The next book signing is set for the 14th of November at Guisborough Bookshop, when all three of us will again be available to dedicate your book personally.

Thanks again to all who came today.


New low price range of work

I have now been able to source very high quality digital printing of my images and these will be scanned directly from my original darkroom prints. They are of the best quality, but will be available at a much lower price, in all forms, mounted or framed. They will also be available ‘on demand’ initially, while I build stocks up, so if there are any images you would like to purchase please get in touch & I will have them printed up for you. They should only take a week or so to be ready for posting out. I am still pricing them up, but typically you should save up towards £80 – £90 over the price of a hand made darkroom print, but still with comparable quality. I am very particular about the standards, which is why it has taken me some time to find someone who will print to my satisfaction.

Any image can be made available, and if there is a subject you are looking for but don’t see it on my website (which we have kept more concise purposely) then please ask.

Thanks, Graham

Backstage Pass – Redcar Jazz Club – Book Launch

Well at last the book is here after five long years of ups & downs and is ready to be launched this coming Saturday 31st October, at Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar, between 11:00 & 3:00, where myself, Dennis Weller & Chris Scott Wilson will also be on hand to sign books and chat about the great days at the club and anything else of interest!
We also will be going fully live on our website on the same day, at and books & prints of both my pictures & Dennis’s can be ordered via there. We have a Facebook page too, so check that out as well.

Come along to Redcar on the day if you can. Otherwise the book will be available from our book stockists and my gallery, Montage in Castleton, North Yorkshire, from 2pm the same day.
The book is a great read and has over 200 pictures, many before not seen in public.
Look forward to meeting as many of you as can make it at either venue.



Redcar Jazz Club Book

Well, finally, we’re almost there! The book is now at the printers, the button has been pressed to start the print run, and by the end of September or first week in October latest we will have books for sale…..

All those of you who have contacted me over the last five years – yes, it really has taken that long due to all sorts of hiccups I won’t bore you with – should by now have been contacted and invited to register your interest at this website –
We also have a Facebook page for it, and a Twitter account will follow soon.

The book is priced at £29.99, is 160 pages and a hard back edition with dust cover, including over 200 photographs, many not previously published. It does look great, & I can say that because I didn’t design it myself!

Thanks to everyone for their continued interest and support in this venture! There will be a launch & book signings locally, dates to be finalised, so keep watch here.
All the best, Graham

New Look Graham Lowe Photography.

Welcome to the new look Graham Lowe photography site. We hope you enjoy the new experience and will be continuing to adapt things to make it easier for you to find the prints you want and keep up to date with all the latest information. For any enquiries since the change, or for extended print options please contact via the following information or alternatively use the contact form.


Montage Gallery,
12 Church Street,
North Yorkshire,
YO21 2EQ
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Tel 01287 660159

To buy prints in our alternative stockist please visit Turnstone Gallery, Sandsend

Foo Fighters use Graham Lowe ‘Who’ shots!

Those of you who may have watched the excellent series directed by Dave Grohl called Sonic Highways may, if you were paying attention, (because if you blinked you could just as easily have missed it, like we almost did!), have seen a fleeting glimpse of two of my shots of The Who, featuring Roger Daltrey’s impressive physique, since he had no top on in them – the subject of that particular section of the programme, in the last part of the series, number 8. Ok Dave, I’ll have the cheque now please! (Only joking – they were sourced via Getty Images, where I have the work for syndication……shame I didn’t get a mention though!)

Incidentally, the overstock sale is long finished, thanks.

Half price sale of current gallery stock

Due to the closure of three local galleries that were representing my work I have an overstock situation at Castleton – therefore in order to make space for new and limited edition work that is coming up soon, for a limited time I am offering work that is in stock ONLY at half price – this is SOLELY the landscape work, not the rock music or nudes. If you can’t get to the gallery, email me to see if the print you would like is in stock and I’ll email the details back – if you wish to purchase you would have to ring the gallery on 01287 660159 with card details, as purchasing on the site would be at full normal prices – I won’t be changing the pricing structure on here.

This is a ONE OFF offer and will not be repeated, so don’t wait!

Redcar Jazz Club Book

Those of you who have been waiting extremely patiently for the publication of the very much updated, improved second edition of the Redcar Jazz Club book will I hope be very pleased to learn that after much delay caused by the book team waiting for the copy to be finalised with still no sign of it ever coming to maturity from the initial writer, that we have now engaged the services of a professional writer with great background experience of writing and publishing to provide the copy. Our initial financial backer, who lost interest as there was no sign of the writing ever materialising, has restated his interest and will definitely provide the necessary financial input with the intention that the book will finally be produced this year, with a date of publication around October 1st 2104 being aimed for. I have just returned from a meeting with the team today where this was confirmed. Waiting for the initial writer’s copy has resulted in a delay of getting on for three years, and we have been fobbed off with nothing more than excuses – ‘researching’ seems to be all that has been achieved by him, so he is no longer part of the team.

We have so far decided on a hard back production if costs allow, soft back if not, page numbers yet to be decided but hopefully 160 – 200, depending on how the material looks, and a square format of around 10″. Over the next few weeks will be getting production costs quotes to get a better idea of what is feasible.

We have a mass of original material, much new memorabilia that we aim to include, photographs by myself and Dennis Weller (who covered the earlier years before I became involved) never before published, and much new anecdotal input which should make for very interesting reading….!

The one thing it will be is an image-lead publication, with less emphasis on wordy detail, which from the feedback we have received is what the general buying public require.

So keep watch here – we still hold lists of contact details from people who have previously shown interest in this publication, but if you are new to this you can email me through this site and I shall add your name to the list.

Any questions (or if you have memories that you feel may be useful for inclusion this time round) please get in touch, but don’t leave it too long, as we will be starting putting the book layout together by the end of April. Definite!

New collaboration with singer/songwriter Claire Hamill

Having taken the promo shots some time back for Al Harrington’s website, Claire Hamill who is now being backed when in the north by the Al Harrington band asked if I would shoot some promo images for her, having liked what I did for Al. So on a balmy summer’s day at South Gare we did the first shoot, both with ‘real’ film cameras and my favourite toy cameras. Spent a very pleasant afternoon shooting, and whilst reloading films being entertained by Claire singing and playing guitar. I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon, and Claire loved the shots. More to come when she can find time in her busy schedule of gigs.

Guitar & Bass magazine cover story

Those of you who are interested in my Redcar Jazz Club photographs, (particularly if you are in the UK), may like to look out the current copy of Guitar & Bass magazine – one of my Paul Kossoff shots livens up the cover, with another used in the article about the late, great guitarist inside. Issue is on the news stands now and is dated June – can’t miss the cover though! Paul continues to be my best selling artist, either in original picture sales or through magazine and cd cover use, although the latter is rare these days….