Redcar Jazz Club Book

Those of you who have been waiting extremely patiently for the publication of the very much updated, improved second edition of the Redcar Jazz Club book will I hope be very pleased to learn that after much delay caused by the book team waiting for the copy to be finalised with still no sign of it ever coming to maturity from the initial writer, that we have now engaged the services of a professional writer with great background experience of writing and publishing to provide the copy. Our initial financial backer, who lost interest as there was no sign of the writing ever materialising, has restated his interest and will definitely provide the necessary financial input with the intention that the book will finally be produced this year, with a date of publication around October 1st 2104 being aimed for. I have just returned from a meeting with the team today where this was confirmed. Waiting for the initial writer’s copy has resulted in a delay of getting on for three years, and we have been fobbed off with nothing more than excuses – ‘researching’ seems to be all that has been achieved by him, so he is no longer part of the team.

We have so far decided on a hard back production if costs allow, soft back if not, page numbers yet to be decided but hopefully 160 – 200, depending on how the material looks, and a square format of around 10″. Over the next few weeks will be getting production costs quotes to get a better idea of what is feasible.

We have a mass of original material, much new memorabilia that we aim to include, photographs by myself and Dennis Weller (who covered the earlier years before I became involved) never before published, and much new anecdotal input which should make for very interesting reading….!

The one thing it will be is an image-lead publication, with less emphasis on wordy detail, which from the feedback we have received is what the general buying public require.

So keep watch here – we still hold lists of contact details from people who have previously shown interest in this publication, but if you are new to this you can email me through this site and I shall add your name to the list.

Any questions (or if you have memories that you feel may be useful for inclusion this time round) please get in touch, but don’t leave it too long, as we will be starting putting the book layout together by the end of April. Definite!