Re-opening of Profile Photography Gallery in Saltburn

From this coming Saturday, March 9th, I will be re-opening the Profile photographic gallery on the station buildings complex in Saltburn. Bob & Becky Mitchell who started this some years back have been and are currently too busy with other business commitments to give their full attention to the gallery, which has meant it being unused for the last year or so. They suggested I might like to take over and run this in conjunction with my own Montage Gallery in Castleton and since we all agreed that it was too good a space to be left closed, between us have totally revamped the space ready for opening this weekend. There will be a range of work shown, including my own, Bob & Becky Mitchell’s, Georgina Harrison’s and a number of other photographers’ showing varied styles of subject matter and treatment. We felt that a range of types of work should be shown to the wide audience that Profile has attracted in the past and will again attract from now on, and to this end the work on show will constantly revolve, as well as there being featured exhibitions of specific photographers’ work from time to time. Profile will be open 5 days a week from this Saturday, so if you have the opportunity we’d like to see you there! Profile Gallery, Units 3&4, Station Buildings, TS12 1AQ 01287 626150