Camera Porn!

Thought that title might get your attention! I have recently been adding to my collection of cameras (ones that I use, that is…) and have added the two cameras shown here – firstly a beautiful hand made pinhole camera made for me by my friend Dr. Jim Lycett, also a very accomplished photographer himself. It was also designed by Jim and is made from Laburnum and Mahogany with stainless steel and brass fittings, also made by Jim. He terms it his monobloc camera, and this one has two focal lengths of 23mm and 38mm, the former achieved by removing the front panel and replacing the lens panel on the camera’s main body. It is shown here (on a cheap Les Paul copy guitar I bought as gamesroom decoration, but I thought a better background than a piece of cloth….) with a Graflex 6×6 120 film back. I have also coming from the US a Graflex 6×9 back, and it will also take a Mamiya RB67 back.

The second addition, rather less esoteric, and shown against yet another cheap copy guitar, this time of a Strat, is my Ferrania Ibis 6×6. Definitely in the lo-fi mode, I am hoping for similar results to those obtained with my plastic Dianas, but maybe utilising less blackelectrician’s tape to minimise light leaks! We shall see…..

Cornish Capers

No, not the county, but the man himself – I have been invited to do a show of work at the Joe Cornish gallery in Northallerton later this year; provisional date from December 1st but yet to be finally confirmed. I am currently preparing work for this, so if you are in the area at that time and wish to visit, keep watching this space! It would be good to meet new people and catch up with old acquaintances!

Also, for some time now my rock music work has been with Getty Images, based in London and formerly Redfern’s Music Picture library. They have had the work some years, resulting in a good number of them being published in various music/guitar related magazines (Paul Kossoff by FAR the best seller), but there seems to have been a resurgence of interest lately. You can see some of the publications online – there were some of my landscape images used in a special publication of Classic Rock Presents…..Whitesnake, after the publishers approached me for shots of ‘grim up North’, since David Coverdale was born and grew up around here, then they discovered it actually ISN’T so grim up here! I was able to supply them with some gritty images and also a great deal of background to DC, having still got contacts around here from those days, and shots of him in the early days of Government, his local band at the time. Still available I believe, but since it includes Whitesnake’s latest album, is £14.99. Here:

Also, Kossoff was on the front cover as well as inside of the June edition of Guitar Techniques (they managed to add not only colour !!! but also his right elbow) to the cover shot, here:

There are others, but I shan’t bore you any further!