New galleries update

Just a note to say that new galleries have recently been added as regular visitors will have noticed, including Nudes and Burlesque, Commercial etc., Documentary and World. The latter three of these are currently being worked on and prints either specially produced or needing to be scanned for upload, so will go live in the very near future. The documentary gallery will feature among others a project I was working on a few years back, featuring a local bunch of extremely talented guys making custom motorcycles, calling themselves Extreme Machines – they were great blokes who looked like they’d fill you in if you looked at them askance, but were fantastic characters with phenomenal talents, making virtually all of the bikes’ components themselves and painting in-house to a stunning standard. Their work was often featured in national custom bike magazines, such as ‘Back Street Heroes’, to great acclaim. Sadly, they went out of business before I could complete the work, a great shame. Other work will be added as I get time to print, and I am currently in the progress of pitching for another project in a similar vein which will take around a year, if I get the go-ahead, so keep watching!

New News!

Last year, local rock guitarist Al Harrington commissioned me to shoot some pictures of him for his then upcoming new website. This I did mostly down at South Gare, being a great location albeit rather windswept most of the time. It is as you may gather from browsing my galleries, one of my favourite haunts for shooting landscapes too; seemingly there is always something different to find there…..

Anyway, after much time his website finally went live to great effect, here:-

A selection of the shots will be uploaded in the next few days.

Again, much of this work was undertaken on toy cameras, mainly one of my trusty Dianas, and may appear on Al’s next CD cover, both back and front images.

I also submitted some of this and other toy camera shots to the new Toy Camera book being produced through Blurb by a team in the USA, and one of the shots of Al was selected for inclusion, page 106, here:-

Unfortunately, this doesn’t bring any cash in, just the kudos of being involved!

So I guess I’lljust have to get on with my next book (apart from the new Redcar JazzClub one) – all taken with toy cameras, and also produced through Blurb. Watch this space!

Other news on the Rock Music front is that many of my classic rock images are now marketed by Getty Images, and the latest use is in the current issue of ‘Classic Rock Presents’….Whitesnake, with a number of my shots, both landscape and an early David Coverdale pic from Redcar Jazz Club. This magazine also has a fair few pieces of ephemera from the RJC, a little taste of what is to come when our new RJC book is published later this year……

New Range of Nude and Burlesque images.

Over the last year and a half, I have been shooting a new range of nudes, a subject which I had not tackled in the past. Much of this was made possible by having access to the old HSBC bank building in Saltburn as it was being converted into a new gallery, but was in an amazing almost derelict state, as much of the space had not been used by the bank for around 50 years! This provided me with the most fantastic backdrops imaginable for the work I had in mind, and over a three month period late in 2009 I shot a variety of work here.

I also wanted to do some off beat kind of images, and had brought back from Venice some superb carnival masks, which I used for a number of the shots.

Much of the work was done using toy cameras, although ‘proper’ cameras were also employed, mostly my Mamiya rangefinders and Hasselblad X-pan. I am currently in the process of uploading these images – some are already on the site; others are due to be put up soon.

The prints can also be viewed at Castleton in my gallery, Montage, and also at Profile Gallery in Saltburn, newly situated in the old tourist information premises in Saltburn station buildings. What has been particularly gratifying to me that all the feedback I have so far received about this work has been positive, and without exception from women.

More of this work will be undertaken this coming year and I am always interested in finding new models; experience not particularly necessary, just an appreciation of the type of work I am doing and a willingness to be involved. Contact me through the website or gallery if interested. Obviously, it would help if you are fairly locally based…..

Redcar Jazz Club Book – New edition

Many of you are still interested in obtaining a copy of the RJC book that was published some years ago now to coincide with our exhibition at Kirkleatham Old Hall museum, Redcar, but which sold out around a year or so ago. I constantly get enquiries through this site about it, but it is proving very difficult to obtain on the secondhand market; the last one I found in a second hand book dealer’s a few months back was priced at £20 and vanished pretty quickly…..

With this in mind, I approached Bryan Goodall with a view to funding a reprint, to which he readily agreed, having an interest both in the music, the photographs and the acts, as he was for some time a committee member of the club. However, we have also managed to get many of the original committee members involved, not the least of whom is Brian Smith, who was club treasurer for much of the club’s life, from 1962 to its demise in 1973. He has retained a vast amount of archive material, and is also in contact with other ex-committee members, so we now have a huge range of ephemera to draw on, from all of the newspaper adverts, many of the programmes, advertising posters, car window posters etc., etc. He is also writing an in-depth history of the club. Add to this Roger Barker’s band contracts plus other material, and there is too much!

Because of the large range of material we now have access to, it is looking as if there may actually be two new books – one in the vein of the original book, image-led with many more photographs of mine and Dennis Weller’s and much of the above Brian Smith archive and will be a hard back edition with a basic club history, and a second published after this one, revealing the full history of the club. We are aiming for publication of the first book this coming October, so keep watching here for news of progress, and to order advance copies if you wish.